4 Types Of Fashion Photography You Need To Know About

Today, the fashion industry is extremely saturated and high-quality imagery is a necessity when looking to increase sales.

Professional photographers will spend years crafting their talents to be able to create show-stopping fashion photography campaigns. Today, the fashion industry is extremely saturated and high-quality imagery is a necessity when looking to increase sales. It takes a special kind of skill to be able to capture the essence of a whole brand with just one creative shoot and that’s what makes fashion photography so incredible.


When most people think of fashion photography, the mind almost immediately drifts over to the runway. We’re here to break that barrier down and offer you a wider insight into the world of fashion photography. 


Here are the 4 types of fashion photography you need to know about…


1. Lookbook Photography

With lookbook photography expect to see the models standing in front of a real-life style backdrop, rather than a plain studio background. A lookbook is supposed to feel parallel to everyday life. The goal of a lookbook is to align the clothing item or outfit to the background.  Imagine a woolly jumper and a coffee shop or a pair of sunglasses and a beach. It’s crucial to create a ‘look’ that aligns with both the fashion item and the background. This enables the photographer to create a complete picture and tell the story of a garment in a way that reflects the brand’s personality. It can mean scouting out and being able to work in some stunning locations.


2. Catalogue Fashion Photography

Think of catalogue fashion photography as your number one salesperson. The main goal of a catalogue is to sell, sell, sell. This explains why many catalogue fashion photographers choose to focus solely on the model wearing the garments and not the background. The poses the models stand in are dramatized to emphasise the items on sale. A fashion catalogue is often filled to the brim with items for sale and a photographer can often expect to shoot 30+ garments in one shoot.


3. Street Fashion Photography

Street fashion photography is often made to feel ‘raw’ and ‘real’. As it’s shot in the street, it can be a great way to capture the essence of a place and not just the clothing. Some street fashion photography shoots are planned out, but many street photographers like to scout out for interesting-looking people that naturally complement their surroundings. Location is everything for street fashion photographers and is often chosen to supplement the outfits the models or real-life people are wearing. The photographer is influenced by the natural lighting conditions as they must work with what’s available to them on the day. This can lead to beautiful experimentations with shadows and sunlight.


4. High Fashion Photography

High fashion photographers need a high level of creative direction for these shoots as they are often created for aesthetic purposes.  Many high fashion photographers are asked to create ‘cutting edge’ and ‘edgy’ photographs. This means being able to work well with models, agents, and fashion directors to create a variety of looks. There’s a lot of pressure to create unique images and photographers must impress multiple stakeholders within high fashion. The pressure is often as high as the fashion for photographers but the creativity that is needed for these shoots can be a real incentive to become a high fashion photographer.

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