Questions To Ask Your Professional Photographer Before Hiring Them

Questions you need to ask your professional photographer before hiring them. Find the photography skills your looking for with ease.

Why hire a professional photographer?

High-quality imagery is important now more than ever, as the competition to create eye-catching and creative imagery is higher than ever.

Many individuals and businesses look to professional photographers to help their products stand out against online vendors or to present themselves professionally.

Great imagery can boost potential buyer trust, showcase brand authenticity, and increase audience engagement.

A whopping 75% of online shoppers rely on product photos when deciding on a potential purchase. With this increased pressure on photography to build trust and increase sales. There are a few questions you should ask your photographer before hiring them.

Do they have the skills you’re looking for?

Professional photographers spend years crafting their talents. Many photographers will offer the most popular services such as headshot photography, event photography, and product photography. By asking your photographer what services they offer, you will find out whether they are a great all-rounder or a specialist in the photography service you’re looking for. Don’t just take the photographers word for it though. Look at their photography portfolio and find out whether they’re a perfect fit for you.

Where are they able to do shoots?

It’s a common assumption that every photographer works in and out of the studio. Not every photographer will be able to offer a portable studio, travel to any location or provide you with a full studio experience. It’s always worth asking what your photographer’s available facilities and capabilities are, to avoid any disappointment. Freelance photographers without a studio, will be able to keep their prices competitive by tailoring studio hire to projects and budgets. They’re also more likely to offer mobile photography services to do shoots at your work, event, home, or wherever you may require.

Are they DBS checked?

A professional photographer will usually have a DBS check to ensure they’re able to work at any event and take on any project asked of them. Don’t assume that your photographer is fully DBS checked. It’s always worth asking them for DBS proof if you require it.

Do they help with styling and posing?

Not every photographer will be able to offer help with styling and posing. If this is something that is important to your shoot, such as a lifestyle, or fashion shoot then it’s worth discussing with your photographer first. A photographer may even go as far as helping you to source the required outfit needed for your photography shoot.

How will my images be delivered?

The safest and fastest way to have your images delivered, is usually via a shared online drive, such as drop box or google drive. Delivery times between different photography studios can vary drastically. Asking how and when your images will be delivered, will ensure that you choose the photographer that can deliver your project on time.

Can my images be printed?

Another common misconception is that every photographer offers an image printing service. Asking the photographer if images can be printed, before booking them, will allow you to shop around for the cheapest price. Once you’ve found a photographer you’re happy with, they will then have plenty of time to ensure your prints get delivered as early as possible.

What does the editing process include?

Its always worth asking your photographer if they include any image editing within the price of the shoot. Not every photographer will offer re-touching for free, and some may have additional charges. If you’re looking for an in-depth re touching or digital manipulation, ask your photographer beforehand to ensure you get the best price.

These are just a few questions that may come in handy when booking your next photography shoot.

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