Best Places for A Lifestyle Shoot

Explore the best places to go for a lifestyle photography shoot. Tell your story through photography, in these 7 popular locations.

Lifestyle Photography - Victor Lindelof playing pool in colour

 Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is popular amongst many of my clients in Leeds, Manchester, and Bradford. The purpose of a lifestyle shoot is to tell people’s stories through candid, informal scenes. Lifestyle photography can make the viewer feel a relatable connection to an image. Creating an audience connection is the main reason that people come to me in need of a lifestyle photography shoot. Capturing lifestyle moments can be a great weapon in relationship marketing, as a close relationship with customers needs to be built. There are many reasons why my clients would want to document real life events and my favorites are that it can show personality, build trust, and inspire confidence.

Capturing genuine emotion is no easy task but I have a real passion for what I do. My high level of experience enables me to capture the perfect lifestyle moments.



I enjoy capturing my lifestyle subjects in the place where they feel the most comfortable. Often this is within the comfort of their own home. A client’s house can say a lot about a client. Their house often reflects their own personal taste and personality back to them. A house has many rooms and each room can have its own character. This provides me with plenty of opportunities to switch up the mood of the lifestyle image to suit the room.


The Park

The park is a great place to capture my clients under natural lighting conditions. The park also provides perfect opportunities to capture unpredictable moments. You can’t accurately predict weather conditions, who’s walking past, or what events might be going on. You never know what you’ll encounter during a shoot at the local park.




Many of us spend the majority of our time at work. There’s no better place to create a relatable looking lifestyle shoot than in the comfort of my clients working environment. Shooting my clients at their place of work, is a great way for me to capture them off-guard. They can pose as though they’re caught up in work. If I’m lucky the phone will ring and I’ll be able to capture them whilst they’re distracted.


Coffee Shop


Coffee is drank by many to get through the working day. Coffee is loved universally, and the coffee industry is worth over £87 trillion. This universal love of coffee shops makes it a great place for a lifestyle photography shoot. People can relate to an image of a coffee shop environment. A well-crafted cup of coffee is photogenic and makes the perfect prop for my clients when posing them.




If I was going to capture the happy, smiling faces of my clients anywhere. I can guarantee that it would be whilst they were on holiday. A lifestyle shoot abroad, enables me to capture clients in high spirits. They also turn out aesthetically pleasing against the backdrop of some beautiful holiday scenery. A holiday environment is also another way to capture beautiful natural lighting conditions.


The Gym


As the goal of a lifestyle shoot is to capture people in environments that look realistic of everyday life. The gym is another common place that people visit and therefore the perfect location for a lifestyle shoot. A gym offers plenty of space and opportunities to switch up poses and props. If my clients decide that a real workout is taking place, then that makes snapping the perfect candid even easier.


The Bar


Modern bars are decorated well. Shooting at an influencer ready bar with an aesthetic drink in hand, makes my clients look fun and sociable. The atmosphere and lighting can make for some beautiful final edits. The best part of a lifestyle shoot is how much fun you can have on casual sets.

No matter what location my clients choose for their lifestyle shoot. I can offer a portable studio service to accommodate any requirements.  

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