What is Editorial Fashion Photography?

What is editorial fashion photography? Read Richard Hockney's latest blog post to find out.

What is editorial photography?

The purpose of editorial photography is to help sell a story. That’s why you often find editorial images in magazines and publications. Editorial images can stand alone or be found alongside text. Editorial photography came about due to editors and journalists requesting images that fit alongside their stories. Editorial images differ from photojournalism images as editorial images were originally created to help make text make sense, instead of as a form of journalism.

What is editorial fashion photography?

Editorial fashion photography is a popular photography niche within the fashion industry. Editorial fashion photography can depict a fashion theme without the need for words. Unlike commercial fashion photography that focuses on sales, editorial fashion photography is about representing style and character. Some would even go as far as to call it art.

What are the rules of fashion editorials?

Photographers are given a certain amount of creative freedom to pose models and present the fashion items. However, there are some rules that need to be followed in editorial fashion photography. Editorial fashion photographers need to stick to a series of 6-8 images that all follow the exact same theme. Photographers are expected to provide 5-6 different looks through distinct changes in clothing, hair, or makeup.

5 top tips for editorial fashion photography

  • Concept

Never lose sight of the concept. A skilled editorial fashion photographer will be bursting with creativity and ideas for an editorial fashion shoot. Working as a collaborative creative team will enable a professional photographer to understand a concept and bring it to life with their creativity.

  • Lighting

Lighting can make or break any photography shoot. Editorial fashion photography usually works best under clean descriptive light that shines bright on everything it needs to highlight.

  • Location

Don’t let your background outshine your models. The fashion should be the focus of any editorial fashion shoot. It’s vital to ensure that the models stand out from the background and that the background is either white, or beautifully compliments the concept.

  • Poses

Experiment with your poses. Editorial fashion shoots often involve strong, dramatic poses. These can include models standing with their shoulder forwards, exaggerated leaning poses and hands cinching in the waist.

  • Publishing

You don’t need legal permission to use images for editorial use only. Editorial purposes for images are that which are informational or illustrative only. You should never use an editorial licence for monetary gain. Magazines can request exclusive rights for a set period.

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