How to Find Your Own Post-Editing Style

Have you ever wondered how to find your own post editing style? We have put together some top tips.



Signature style


Photographers can find themselves pressured to find their own unique style. The concept of style is all down to an individual’s taste. The best part of being a photographer is the freedom to decide on what you think is worth capturing. Then you get to choose how you share that image with the world. It’s thought that all the hard work is done before and during a photography shoot. That is not the case at all. Postproduction can make or break of a successful photography shoot.


Post-editing technique


An instantly recognisable post-editing technique is desired by many photographers. It’s the equivalent of putting your copyright mark on the world. Making your photo edits so distinguishable that it becomes synonymous with your branding can become stressful for many professional photographers. The worst part of this is that studies show that the higher your stress level, the lower your creativity. So how can photographers that are looking to find their signature style, do so whilst still having fun?



Experimentation is key


The sheer number of post-editing techniques to choose from can be a little overwhelming. To combat the vast number of options. It’s important to remember that everyone must start somewhere, and experimentation is the key to finding your style. Even when you think you have found the technique for you. It’s important to never stop experimenting with new ways to process your image.

To make life a little easier. We have compiled a list of our favourite post-processing techniques, so that you can experiment with them. We hope experimenting with these techniques, inspires your creativity, and enables you to get one step closer to finding your signature style.



HDR Editing


When done correctly. High dynamic range editing (HDR) can remain natural, whilst allowing an image to be made clearer and more detailed. With HDR you can manipulate shadows and highlights which allows you to bring out the details within an image. However, you must remain cautious with HDR editing. It’s easy to get carried away, and you may end up over-processing your photos. A professional photographer will be able to bring out all the details of an image whilst maintaining a natural look.



High Contrast


Editing the contrast of your image can enable you to control how an image makes you feel. The ability to control the lightness and darkness of pixels can make an image feel more lively or more subdued. There are many ways to play with contrast in photography. Knowledge of the colour wheel can enable you to create high contrast. As you begin enhancing colours opposite to each other on the colour wheel.


Cross processed


Digital cross processing is a modern take on the traditional method of developing photos in the wrong chemicals. Beautiful and unexpected colour shifts happen due to cross-processing. Which is one of the reasons why we still use this technique today. The unpredictability of adjusting red, blue, and green channels. Can allow creativity to flow naturally. Which often results in dreamlike post-image results.



Matte effect


The matte effect can make images look softer and dreamier through the enhancement of image texture. You can experiment with matte presets or create your own matte effect using photoshop. It’s a great way to add some moodiness to an image. If you find your style aligning to a more underexposed and grungy mood. The matte effect is the perfect place to start.



Clean editing


A clean edit looks exactly how it sounds. It’s making improvements, whilst still enabling an image to look similar to what you saw when you took the photo. Your style could simply be that of removing imperfections whilst remaining a clean and natural aesthetic. You have the power to fix any imperfections and issues during post-processing and this can lead to beautiful results.



As a result of years of experimentation, I have managed to develop a talent for creating eye-catching and powerful photography.



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