What is Lifestyle Photography?

What is lifestyle photography and creative ideas for your lifestyle shoot

Lifestyle photography has become a trending genre of photography in recent years especially as social media is now such a big part of our lives, particularly Instagram. The point of Instagram being to fill your feed with the most attractive and inspirational photos you can, and this is where lifestyle photography plays a huge part. As a photographer, I have noticed that the interest in lifestyle photography shoots has escalated massively in recent years and that is down to social media.


The aim of lifestyle photography is to capture the subjects in real-life situations, in every day locations, and to showcase emotions we feel every day. It is about telling a story with your images in a perfectly imperfect way. Capturing your subjects in a natural state of poised perfection, sounds like a bit of an Oxymoron right? It is.


The most important thing about lifestyle photography? Recording a moment for the subject, snapshots they can remember. Family moments, friendship moments, individual moments, whoever may be the subject, the goal is to capture those emotions so they can be remembered.


But how do you create an image of ‘natural poised perfection?’ The photographer can give prompts to their subject and then capture their candid reactions after, or alternatively, they can follow the subjects as they go about their daily routines which would make for an even more natural feel. It is important though to guide the activities of the subject and the shoot rather than the poses themselves, this is the best way to create real authenticity in your final images.


Creative ideas for your next lifestyle shoot


Fancy having your own lifestyle shoot? You’ve certainly come to the right place.


Here are some ideas for family shoots, individual shoots and group shots.


Family Shoot Inspiration

-Bake off
Shots of the family baking can be so much fun, anything messy always makes for brilliant final images and in your own family kitchen can really add that touch of authenticity.


-The great outdoors
You could get outside in the garden or even in the local woods and show how you relax in your very own outdoor space or how you like to spend your time outdoors. Is it with a picnic? Or maybe your family like to hike? You could get shots of you and your family on your favourite hiking trail.


-Welcoming your new addition

Have you just welcomed a new baby into the family? A newborn lifestyle photography shoot is the perfect way to remember those first weeks and months with your little one.


Lifestyle Photography - Family Shoot Inspiration


Individual Shoot Inspiration


-Going solo
Have you decided to set up your own business? You’ll need some shots for your branding and content. Getting shots of you working on your new projects in your own work space can make for great social media content and to introduce your new business to the world.


-Pet parade
Pets mean a lot to us, they are part of the family. But sometimes when we’re on our own, our pet can be our most important and loved companion. A lifestyle shoot with you and your pet is a special way to keep their memory alive.


-Got the skills?
Maybe you spend a lot of your spare time enjoying a particular hobby, like painting, playing a certain sport or horse riding? Lifestyle shoots can capture you enjoying your favourite hobby, and because you’re so engrossed in your hobby at the time of the shoot, it is so easy to get some incredibly effective natural shots.


Lifestyle Photography - Pet Photography


Friendship and group shots


-Hang out with us
Where are you and your friends favourite hang out spots? What do you like to do together? Snaps of your friends doing exactly what you love can make for great memories. Even vegging out on the sofa with your favourite snacks, watching you and your pals favourite film can make for great photos. You can just keep it simple!


-Tis the season
You might want to capture you and your friends at a certain time of the year. Maybe you love the summer and going out exploring beaches when it’s sunny and warm or maybe you love getting spooky at Halloween and dressing up as your favourite ghoulish characters. Whatever the season, whatever the time of year, lifestyle shoots can be any time of the year to suit you.


Lifestyle Photography - Friendship group shoot


If you’re interested in a lifestyle shoot with me please get in touch and don’t forget to follow us on social media and share our blog.

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